Tentative Agreement Reached

After our first mediation session and months of bargaining, your bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with the city on June 29 for a new three-year agreement.

Despite our many objections and alternative proposals to the city’s mandatory standby plan, they barely moved at all. The city made it clear to the team that they were willing to take negotiations all the way to impasse on this issue, leaving us with limited options and likely delaying an agreement (and significant cost of living increases) for several months.

Faced with that reality, the team decided it was time for an up or down vote by the membership. This is why the agreement is being presented with a neutral recommendation from the bargaining team.

The agreement provides:

  • 13% cost of living increase over three years - 8%/2%/3%
  • 3 months of HSA contributions in January of each year to help offset beginning of the year costs
  • Comp-time increased to 64 hours (from 48)
  • Standby pay increased to 1 paid hour for every 8 hours on standby
  • Boot allowance up from $175 every two years to $200 every year
  • All hours worked on holidays will be double time plus 8 hours of holiday pay
  • Holiday pay will apply to Park Seasonal employees
  • Paid CDL training and disability insurance raised from $6k to $8k

Health insurance premiums for single employees will be paid at a 97/3 split beginning in 2025, and a 93/7 split beginning in 2026. This mirrors all other bargaining units within the city. There are no other changes to health insurance.

As with any AFSCME negotiated agreement, the members get the final say. The team and the administrators will be working on a schedule for voting on the agreement and will share that after July 4th.

As a reminder, members are the only ones supporting their union in negotiations and only members will be allowed to vote. If you have yet to join your union, you can sign a membership card before voting or by clicking the "JOIN!" tab above.